About Us

Located in Esine average Vallecamonica in the province of Brescia the Edilbassi was founded 16 years ago with the mission to develop a greater assistance in building construction.

Established structure and not indifferent to the various case studies of market, is proposed as one of the best partners for the various contractors and craftsmen in the industry, without leaving anything to chance.

Always attentive to 'inclusion of new products that can meet the commercial needs of all, is preparing to lead in building tomorrow's meeting the commercial demands of each.

With continuous specialized training of any kind, we are able to guide you in the choice of the best products for your projects.

In particular, in recent years we have increased the products for the Private party more and more 'important and caring for a' crisis in the sector extensively with the addition of products not indifferent to finish including:

  • Fountains
  • Barbecue
  • Ovens
  • Statues
  • Wells
  • Paving stones and walls
  • Wood Stoves and Pellet
  • Fireplaces and Wood Pellet
  • Flooringi in Gres Porcellanato
  • Patch (with the ability to perform the poses with highly qualified personnel)
  • Furnishing gardens

For years we are able to provide you with the best windows and accessories Veluxbecause we are authorized dealers.